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Hello, my name is Kyle and I live in a small town in Eastern Australia. Ever since I was a boy, I have loved to travel. My parents would often take me abroad on trips around Asia. I remember the first time I saw the skyline of Hong Kong, it totally blew my mind. When I turned 21, I decided I wanted to go and see the world myself. However, I realised I didn't have a clue how to plan and prepare for such a trip. Thankfully, my parents helped me out and taught me a lot of cool things about vaccinations and visas. I decided to start a blog to help others who are planning to travel.

Foreign Cuisine Makes a City Break More Memorable

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Unless you are already a city dweller, the chances are that the number of foreign cuisines you are exposed to is limited in much of Australia. True, nearly all Australian towns of any size will have a pizzeria and a Chinese takeaway, but that does leave much of the rest of the world's cuisine hidden away. If you are planning a city break for a weekend or a few days with your family, then you will undoubtedly be focused on where you will stay and the sights you will want to see. However, if you want to make an Australian city break even more memorable, then you should seek out some of the great restaurants around that provide a truly international culinary experience, as well. What are some of the best options?

A Traditional Greek Restaurant

Cities like Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney, among others, have great Greek cuisine on offer. A typical Greek restaurant in Australia will include some traditional bouzouki music and plate-smashing as well as good food, especially those which operate in a taverna-style. Greek food extends well beyond fine olives and feta cheese. Souvlaki are tremendously tasty skewered kebabs well worth trying. Diples ought to be sampled, too. This is a delicacy served as a sweet at major celebrations like Christmas.

A True Nepalese Restaurant

You will find Indian cuisine in plenty of places around the country, but Nepalese restaurants are only to be found in the country's major urban population centres. The food of Nepal does resemble Indian dishes at first glance, but it is often served with a greater subtlety of flavour outside of its homeland. Dal, for example, is served in both Nepalese and Indian restaurants, but it is usually more delicately flavoured with aromatic spices when cooked in the Nepali style. If you are looking for something distinctively Nepalese, then seek out a dish like pickled sweet corn served with chilli or gundruk, made from fermented vegetables.

An Authentic Lebanese Restaurant

Also called Levantine cuisine, Lebanese food can be found in restaurants all over European cities as well as in Australia. Chickpeas, aubergines and falafel feature frequently in this Mediterranean cuisine. A dish like baba ghanoush combines these ingredients and is a great way of discovering the distinctive nature of Lebanese food. Ma'amoul are tasty stuffed biscuits made with dates and walnuts which you should order if you choose to seek out a Lebanese restaurant during your city break.


8 November 2018