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Hello, my name is Kyle and I live in a small town in Eastern Australia. Ever since I was a boy, I have loved to travel. My parents would often take me abroad on trips around Asia. I remember the first time I saw the skyline of Hong Kong, it totally blew my mind. When I turned 21, I decided I wanted to go and see the world myself. However, I realised I didn't have a clue how to plan and prepare for such a trip. Thankfully, my parents helped me out and taught me a lot of cool things about vaccinations and visas. I decided to start a blog to help others who are planning to travel.

Bus Charter Trip Ideas You Must Take Before You Die

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Bus trips have become so popular that if you haven't yet taken one, you might be mistaken to be living in the 80s. Families, friends, classmates, couples, and colleagues. This is because chartered buses are big and comfortable and since they take many people, they are cheap too. But you don't want to just hop onto a bus trip without a clear fun idea.  Here are some really cool chartered bus travel ideas you will love.

Ski trip

A ski lover will go to heaven and back on a chartered bus trip to ski at a mountain. Surprise your ski buddies with this idea and they will adore you. If the snow is not heavy, pack your boards, boots and ski's and hit the road to the countryside mountain for a ski. But if the winter might be heavy where you are going, you don't want to be in a heavily loaded bus. Make arrangements to hire skis or boards at your destination,  After shredding through a snowy slide day, you don't want the hassle of loading lots of luggage onto your charter bus out in the snow.

Take a brewery tour

Wine or beer tasting doesn't have to always be in some cozy hotel with dimming lights and fellows in long dresses. You can sure taste your wine on a chartered bus to a campfire. To make it cheaper, arrange for the drinks to come directly from a wine or beer factory. For the large number that you are, the company will definitely give you a discount.

Tour of the Capital

Forget about traffic jams and get on a bus to tour your favorite city. There is nothing as fun as touring a city in a bus. Bus charter companies will guide you on what route and time of the day to take your tour so that you don't get stuffed in an annoying traffic jam. A bunch of classmates, a family or a group of friends can enjoy such a trip. The big wide bus windows offer a clearer view of places around the city than in a small car.

Wedding trip

If you know you shall be attending a wedding soon, you better get in touch with the group of party animals that will be coming to the wedding and charter your bus ahead of time. There is absolutely no reason to drive your small car when you can join a group of 50 fun dudes and drive to, from and around town where the wedding shall be. Pack your drinks, pack your suits and hit the road. To enjoy most, make sure you choose a group of people who click. It can be friends of the groom because trust me, friends of the bride are usually busy finalizing makeup rehearsals and trying to check out the new guys at the wedding. It can get even better if both the groom and bride arrive at Church on a bus.


20 January 2017